Resume tips on work experience

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August 20, 2016

Resume tips on work experience

Well, Work experience or work history is an important thing in a professional resume. Resume tips on work experienceIn this section, you have to include your paid work experience such as full-time job, part-time, self-employment, internship or projects you are part of. If you feel to show about unpaid or volunteer, you may indicate it under relevant experience or other experience or Extramural engagement. You can also create a separate section for your academic projects. Another universal standard is you have to mention your work experience in reverse chronological order. Reverse chronological order means you have to list your latest experience first (Newer to earlier experience). In general, work experience should be listed in bulletin form, avoid using work experience in paragraphs.

Simple Format for writing Work experience in resume

  1. Worked as/Working as Designation in ABC CORPORATION, PLACE since dd/mm/yyyy.
  2. Roles and responsibilities:

Let me explain it, the designation refers to your position in the company/corporation which you are currently working in. Then state your company name and the place of the company where you are working. In case, if you worked in several cities across India or abroad then mentioning the location of your company where you worked is highly important because it shows the recruiter that you are willing to relocate to a newer place. Another importance of indicating your job location is that your company may have many branches and you can show the recruiter that which branch you are associated with. Finally, indicate the period of time you are working in the company.

If you had a break in your career some months/year, Don’t mention it first instead, you can indicate it in a later stage as some courses or education which you had during the period

Roles and responsibilities:

Describe your role in the company, your daily activities, special activity, your contributions to your company and responsibility you carry in a simple manner, use bulletin for this purpose. You can use some catchy words like “spearhead, oversee, prominent, adroit, skillful, paramount” etc at the beginning of each sentence. Please make sure that you didn’t over optimize it.

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